UniAmerica Employee Policy

As you all know every job site has its own worker’s policy. That applies to everyone in the workplace, such as the employees we of course are talking about. First things first, when in the office and the client is sitting right in front of you, There has to be hygiene implemented before you both speak to each other. Such as brushing teeth, deodorant, Showering, cleaning clothes, plus work uniforms etc. Combing and having proper hair. A good haircut will suffice too. You cannot come in sweaty, dirty, smelly at all. Another thing is that there are no tattoos to be seen in our office. So, please if you cannot do this do not waste our time and/or the client’s time. Make sure to be on time to work, in other words, don’t be late to work or worse leave early when it’s not time to leave early. Respect the staff and the clients along with the client’s needs. Be polite to the clients, and treat them fairly. Remember to let them speak when it is their turn and be trustworthy to them. Never let the client down, take his requests with care, and be careful when speaking to him or her. Don’t cut them off when you are conversating, No cursing, hitting, or disrespecting the client. Keep your hands to yourself. Always keep calm and listen to the client, and answer his questions or concerns. Treating others how you want to be treated is a basic breakdown of what you have to accomplish here at Uniamerica when operating in front of clients. Have a great attitude toward your fellow peers here in the office, a good attitude towards your work, and a great attitude towards our fellow clients. If the client needs help, then help you will give them. Just making sure you guys are okay. I hope all is in order. Have a Wonderful day.

Sincerely, John Marketing

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