Boat Insurance

Hello everybody welcome back to today’s blog. Just a reminder that one of Uniamerica’s products is boat insurance. We can insure any and every boat out there. Boat insurance coverages are basically the same as auto coverage. You have your bodily injury, and property damage, Medical payments, comprehensive, and collision. Plus Uninsured motorists and underinsured motorists coverages. Boat insurance can come in handy if there were to be a crash of some sort. So you wouldn’t have to pay out of your pocket of course. Sometimes even before you dock your boat insurance will be required. And even sometimes you will need comprehensive and collision included until your boat is fully paid. So you can never go wrong with Uniamerica’s prices and coverages for your boat insurance. I’m happy to say good work and have a fantastic rest of your day.

Sincerely, John Uniamerica Marketer

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