A Day In UniAmerica Insurance Services

Hi guys, I hope everybody is doing fine. On today’s WordPress Blog, we will be going over on what it is like here at UniAmerica Insurance Services. First off, we have quite a bit of room at our office. There are nice rugs, good lights, a waiting area, and with a play area as well for the kids. We have a private office in the back and storage in the attic. We have many desks and computers. Here we also have a break room and a bathroom. We walk and pass by these every day. There are team meetings every other Tuesday where we gather to talk about insurance news, insurance motivation, our marketing goals, as well as our selling goals. We usually have some type of snack with a cup of coffee. On our weekly schedule, we have two 10-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch. There are uniforms to be worn or suits here at our agency. The work here is pretty cool. There is a customer service agent, a receptionist, a sales agent, and one great accountant. We have a coffee machine here as well as a nice water dispenser too. The air conditioning is pretty nice as well here. All of our employees are very interactive, and we are positive thinkers. We work hard and get along very great. We work to keep our clients at speed with the coverage we have to offer. We always meet our clients needs our answer their questions and concerns. Another thing is we work our hardest to meet our monthly goal. If we meet the goal we will celebrate with a good breakfast at IHOP. Speaking of celebrating; we do celebrate our staff’s birthday’s here with cake, sweets, and treats, and sing happy birthday songs. Also when we meet or if we meet our infinity sales goals they throw us a nice big potluck. Sometimes they buy us pizza, Mexican burritos, etc. Lastly, at the end of each year, we have our UniAmerica’s December end-of-the-year Christmas party. Where together we go to eat at a fancy restaurant. Right on guys good work and have a great one.

Sincerely, John Uniamerica Marketer

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