How UniAmerica employee training looks like

If I were not mistaken I would very much explain the process of becoming a member of the UniAmerica Insurance Services team or staff. First, you need to pass the interview here. The interview is to make sure this new possible future Uniamerica employee takes his work seriously and has to be very professional. Knowing English and Spanish is key to properly working here at our office. Of course, before the interview, you will need to set up an interview appointment. With a good interview, you have to answer the interview questions all correctly. Making the resume is needed for you to pass this employee Uniamerica interview. When being interviewed keep a calm mind and a smart one, and answer politely and this will add to your score on possibly being hired here at Uniamerica. Ok, so you passed the interview you are now in. Now you need to earn your Property and Casualty Insurance license. To do this you will have to find an insurance school that preps you for the test. The School many of us here at Uniamerica went to gave us a 2-month training. In the first month, you receive a book on only property and casualty insurance study book. It teaches you about the product, the coverages, why you need insurance, and why it exists. Pretty much everything you need to know about insurance and how to be at the workplace. And what to do in the workplace and the work that you will have to do. There are 5-hour classes a day. You will need to read the book, participate in class, and listen to the teacher. There is a lunch as well. Once the day is done, there will be homework assigned and you will have to read and review the chapters you read today. To talk about it in the morning the next day. Once the first month is done you will proceed to the computer phase of the prep for the test. The whole school day for a month you will be memorizing the questions and answers to everything you learned in class. And constantly revise the different test versions you are giving. Once the second month is complete you make a test appointment. Just a heads up on the score to pass out of 100% you need 50%. I passed with 60% and got my license. The next part is at the office for a whole month to know the ropes and the position you applied for plus the jobs and services you will have to give. After all this you have completed, just wait for that check. Excellent. Your work is very much appreciated, So good luck and carry on. Bye.

Sincerely, John Uniamerica Marketer

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